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10 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

10 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country and a great tourist destination. When you get the chance, these are the 10 best places to visit in Argentina.

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is a Buenos Aires beach resort city on the Atlantic Ocean. Its exciting culture and warm sandy beaches attract visitors especially in the summer when the weather allows for many activities. A restaurant nearby has a chicken shrimp jambalaya recipe that makes them very famous. 


Right in the heart of Argentina is Cordoba which also doubles as its second largest city. It has numerous historic buildings such as churches and places in its Jesuit Block at the city center. Moreover, it has become home to over 200,000 students who give the city a youthful and energetic feel.

Puerto Madryn

Since it happens to be on the shores of Golfo Nuevo, Puerto Madryn is a gateway to Peninsula Valdes. Tourism boosts the growth of the town as visitors love the spectacular beaches in the summer. Besides, Whale Watching Tours are common, and the Southern Right Whales breed and give birth on the Golfo Nuevo waters and around July to September, they get so close that visitors can observe them from the mainland.


Bariloche has a myriad of attractions calling out for tourist visits. Its snow capped mountains are especially inviting as they allow for snow skiing, making the city among the largest ski stations in South America. Bariloche also has beautiful landscapes and offers the opportunity for outdoor adventures that tourists seek so much.


It is isolated hence was once a penal colony but now is the base of most tourist attractions including Antarctica cruises, wildlife watching, and most winter sports. Besides winter sports that the Cerro Castor and Glacier Martial offer, the mountains provide a suitable hiking spot for hikers in the summer months.


Lovers of wine find Mendoza the perfect spot to indulge in the drink since it is famous for winemaking. Moreover, it’s near Aconcagua which is the highest mountain in America, therefore, attracting curious people around the globe. The magnificent landscape provides a breath-taking topography of the area and opportunities for hiking and river rafting among many more. Mendoza also bursts with life at the Independence Plaza where museums, shops, and restaurants are present.

El Calafate

It was once a remote town with barely any visitors, but upon the establishment of Los Glaciares Park which is close, El Calafate has grown to become a significant tourist destination. The restaurants and lodgings provide amenities for tourists while they visit the museums and make tourist excursions.

Los Glaciares

Among the many beautiful things to see is the largest icecap away from the Antarctica and Greenland. If you want to watch ice cracking or listen in to large blocks of ice breaking away and creating big splashes as they fall into the ocean, then this is the place to be.

Buenos Aires

Mother to the tango dance, it is among the most vibrant cities in Argentina. Apart from the delicious gourmet cuisines and captivating architecture, you can enjoy the flea markets in San Telmo.

Iguazu Falls

The lush green forests, beautiful wildlife and spectacular waterfalls are a few of the attractions you can find in the Iguazu Falls.

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