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Best Under Sink Water Purifiers

Best Under Sink Water Purifiers

Modular kitchens are the most commonly encountered kitchens. Wall mounted water purifiers are not the most suitable for such kitchens. Thus, under sink water purifiers can be of extraordinary assistance and can be extremely beneficial for users of the kitchen.

To choose from the wide number of alternatives is a mammoth task. Listed below are a few of the most efficient under sink water purifiers to pick from


Aquaguard Invisipure RO

Invisipure RO comes with a space efficient design. It can be fitted perfect well under the sink saving your kitchen its charm. The purifier has a storage capacity of 12 litres and thus can be stored almost any place that there is a requirement for it. When the storage tank is full there is an automatic shut off valve that stops the process.

ZeroB Kitchenmate

Compact water purifier with a special feature of seven staged purifying system. ZeroB provides the safest and most purified form of water and also comes with an ESS technology that prevents slime and germ invasion within the purifier. Other than ESS, It also has an in-built TDS and metal remover thus guaranteeing pure and safe drinking water.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

The specifications of the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard are that it has an intelligent and hygienic design with RO+UV technology.  The built in technology helps remove unhealthy contaminants in the most efficient way possible

It has a storage unit with a capacity of 8 litres and auto TDS regulator.

The purifier also has LED indicators that keep the user aware of the process at all times.

Wellon RO and UV Water Purifier

Ranked by, as one of the most affordable purifiers available in the market as of today. It has an ample storage unit of close to 10 liters. Features includes auto shut-off, sleek design, self-cleaning system and low power consumption. Another exciting feature is the reasonable price that it comes at

SAMTA Techno Water Purifier

SAMTA has been known for their high quality purifying systems. The SAMTA techno water purifier in specific, is suitable for bore water, municipal water as well as overhead tank water. The techno water purifier incorporates five stages of purification in which acid metabolites, toxins, virus, bacteria and sand is removed with special care. An important feature is the chlorine removal facilitated by activated filters. If you want to learn about the internal working of these purifiers check out this post.

Havell’s UTC RO+ Double UV

The most important feature of this under sink purifier is the double UV. This protects the water and re-filters it every time the tap is turned on thereby offering extra protection from impurties. The purifier has a storage unit of a capacity of 10 liters. It has a seven step purification procedure that includes a revitalizer and a germicidal UV.

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